College Green Development

We have had confirmation that our new surgery has been approved by NHS England and building work is due to begin this month. We have been told to expect us to move into our new purpose-built premises in the autumn of 2020.

We shall be merging with BG Health, a partnership local to ourselves. This provides you with greater stability as General Practice adjusts to a situation where most younger GP’s prefer not to be involved in the management of practices and remain as salaried Doctors. Our joined-up practice creates not only resilience but also opportunities where GPs with other skill sets and interests can provide care for all of our patients into the foreseeable future.

The new building will have better access for those less able and encumbered with prams and child seats with eg good parking and lifts. (And in case you are worried there is a pedestrian bridge adjacent to the site to enable crossing the Bristol Road.)

It will provide more rooms to enable the expansion of clinical services. The government have us providing you with Social Prescribers and Practice Pharmacists and in future years Paramedics, Physios and Physicians Assistants to broaden the care available to you the patient.

We shall also have greater meeting room space for teaching and to keep up to date with training for all of our staff.

You should find that you are interrupted less often when seeing our nursing team as the vaccines and clinical equipment will have its own storage space.

We shall also meet all of the standards for infection control with the correct types of modern taps and sinks etc.

For those of you undergoing minor operations at the surgery, there will be a purpose-built set of rooms that include changing facilities. There will also be a ‘health promotion’ room which we hope will be utilised in a variety of different ways to serve the needs of our patients.

One or two patients, particularly in distant Kings Norton areas, have said they are worried that they will be removed from our list. This is not in the plan. We intend to honour all current patients. So even if our practice boundary is redrawn we would keep on existing patients unless they move out of the area.

This is an exciting improvement to the environment for your care which creates many opportunities for improved and additional services and ensures the sustainability of our practice into the future.

Yours faithfully,

Philip J Western and William Hardy

Dr Philip J Western GP MBChB MRCGP BSc PhD,