Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 12 December 2019 at 1.00 pm

In attendance:–The Chair, Two Practice members and eight other members of the PPG


Ten members of the PPG sent apologies.

Minutes of meeting of 12.9.19 :     It was suggested that calling the new practice ‘Bournville Gardens’ (near bottom of p1) might cause confusion.  A better name might be ‘The Surgery Site, Bristol Road, Bournville’, but The Practice  thought that the name ‘College Green Medical Centre’ had been agreed many months previously.  All agreed that both seemed better than Bournville Gardens.

Matters arising from minutes of 12.9.19:      The Chair reported that there had been no progress to date on her approach to Local Councillors re changing bus routes.

News from the Practice:   Nothing major to report.  It was now believed that the new practice would operate from January 2021 or sometime in Spring 2021, not Autumn 2020 as had previously been reported by the Contractors.  For legal reasons, the merger of the three practices would be at the end of the current financial year, 30.4.20.  From May 2020 onwards, there would only be one practice number (e.g. for letters from hospitals).  There would be no other changes until the three practices moved site in early 2021.

Flu Clinics, October 2019 :    The take-up for those over 65 on the register, 1840, was about 85%.  For those below 65 with conditions that qualified them for free NHS jabs, 1600, the takeup was 53%.  Existing vaccines can be used up to March 2020, but in practice patients do not often request flu jabs after the New Year.  The practice seemed generally satisfied with the take-up statistics.

Birmingham and Solihull Health App :    The practice seems very satisfied with this new system, and encouraged people to try it to see if it was of use to them.  So far, 453 patients have signed up but only 97 have been activated.  50 patients have used the App to book appointments, and 25 have made medical requests.  It was stressed that this App could be used on computers at home, and did not need to operate on mobile phones.

LIVI video calls :    This system is being trialled at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital.  The Granton Surgery will need to offer this service as well from April 2020.  It was stressed that the doctors will not have access to the patient’s notes during the TV-consultation.

Babylon GP service  :   PW described this service again.  This was covered in our meeting and minutes of 11.7.19.  Patients would have to de-register from their present GP provider if they used this service many times.  Again, in the initial consultations the doctor will not have access to the patient’s notes.  Given that patients at Granton now have access to weekday appointments to 8 pm and at weekends (9am to 4pm) at the ROH where the doctors do have the patient’s notes available, Babylon was not recommended, especially for those patients with chronic long-term problems.

Update from PPG Forum on 28.11.19 :    The Chair told everybody about a presentation about the Birmingham and Solihull Health App, and the importance of regular eye checks for those patients with diabetes.

AGM of the PPG groups :    Best to do a joint AGM after the merging of the three practices on 1.5.20.  Possibly the 12th November 2020 date could be an AGM starting 6 pm.  Either in a room in Bournville Gardens Home (free if booked by a resident) or Weoley Hill Village Hall (only £11 per hour).  The Chair will investigate, in discussion with her equivalent at the PPG of Bunbury Road Practice.  Perhaps joint meetings with the PPG of Bunbury could take place after the merger in May 2020?

Newsletter :  It was thought that this was an excellent idea to have this reading matter available during flu clinics in October 2020.   A volunteer to produce the newsletter was needed.

Suggestions for the new practice (if money available) :  a microsuction device for those with hearing problems, weighing scales for all patients to use when they come for an appointment, blood pressure equipment.  Also support for Carers following bereavement of a partner / parent / child.

AOB :   None

Future meetings in 2020 :  12 March, 14 May, 9 July, 10 September, 12 November or 10 December.

The meeting closed at 2.00 pm