Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 12September 2019

In attendance:–Ann Ellis (AE – Chair), Andrew Nickson (AN – Minutes), Valerie Gregory (VG), Elaine Morton (EM), Gopi Potluri (GP),  Dr Will Hardy (WH), Judith Trueman (JT), Derek Grinter (DG), John Nightingale (JN), John Lovesey (JL), Francesca Petrocacino (FP), Chris Bennett (CB), Rachel Stephens (RS), Steve Martin (SM), Margie Salmon (MS), James Salmon (JS).

Apologies –  Grace Spooner, Linda Rosenberg, John Adams, Christine Adams, Richard Tuckett, Norman Graham.

Matters arising – none

Minutes of last meeting 14.7.19 :  passed without comment. 

News from the Practice (WH):

  1. Walk-in flu clinics will take place on 12 and 19 October. A list was circulated for PPG volunteers on these two days (telling people to save time by removing their jackets etc). JS offered to print 100 handouts about the PPG to give patients on these days.
  2. A CQC inspection took place in June and the report is now available on-line at https://cqc.org.uk/location/1-4207241970. We had a good rating and no concerns were mentioned. The inspection suggested Granton to carry out risk assessment policies.
  • The move to Bournville Gardens has been confirmed by the NHS and CCG and the funds have been released. The lease has been signed and building could start in a month from now, with a 12 month build period and opening in Autumn of 2020. This information is no longer confidential and can be posted on the website and PPG FB page. The CCG will send letters to all patients soon about the move.

A pharmacy has not yet been confirmed at the new site because of objections from existing pharmacies.

JN hoped that the PPG could use the new rooms at Bournville Gardens for meetings on relevant medical topics, as well as coffee mornings to help overcome social isolation.

AE will contact the two local councillors and the CCG for help in requesting changes in bus routes to access the new surgery.

JL suggested that a statement about the move be placed on the Granton noticeboard and WH agreed that an artist’s impression of the new site will also be displayed.

Regarding the merger of the two existing PPGs, WH will ask the Bunbury GP surgery to contact AE to arrange a meeting.

JL asked about ‘ring and ride’ bus facilities to the new surgery.

How can we support the practice in the coming year? (AE)

A brain-storming came up with some ideas for sign-posting;

  1. Publication of a list of organisations to overcome social isolation
  2. Men in Sheds, operating in Kings Heath park
  • The list of events in the bimonthly ‘Bournville Pages’
  1. Computer help available at Northfield Library
  2. Friday morning coffee and cakes at Rowheath Pavilion

Social Prescribing.  This has still not got going as the person employed for one day per week had been on sick leave soon after his/her commencement of the job.  A replacement person has yet to be appointed.

Patients Association website update

Members are welcome to attend a a focus group meeting on 30 September at the Mailbox, contact via anna.shears@patients-association.org

JL noted that this was a private organization and felt that the meetings were rather pointless.

Next meetings:   12 December, 2019.  The dates for 2020 will probably follow the same pattern as 2019:  2nd Thursday of the month, 1-2 pm, in March, May, July, September, December.  The date of the AGM in 2020 will be decided when we have a firmer date about the opening of the new surgery.

AOB:The flu clinic volunteer rota was finalized.

Andrew Nickson