Potential New Development

We would like to make you aware of a possible upcoming development.

We are looking into a potential move of site to a new development on the Bristol Road. The plan is for a purpose built building on the site of the old Bournville College and opposite Bournville Gardens. This would be a joint venture with another practice – BG Health (formerly Bunbury Road Surgery and Griffins Brooke Surgery).

There are many reasons we have needed to consider such move. Although our current site has been a working general practice for over a hundred years, there are many difficulties in providing high quality modern health care in such an old building. It may be apparent that we have access difficulties, particularly to the 1st floor consulting rooms, and limited parking. However there are many other challenges we face in keeping the site up to the necessary standards for a general practice. We are working at full capacity with no potential to expand or improve the current site. Furthermore there is an impetus within the NHS for General Practices to work in larger teams and for more services to be moved from hospitals to primary care, something which our current site could not accommodate. A practice of our current size would also not be able to meet the future expectations of evening/weekend openings, and merging with our partners at BG Health would allow this to be feasible.

There are many other advantages we envisage including:
– A high quality building fit for modern general practice
– Improved access and a large dedicated car park
– Significantly increased capacity
– Pharmacy on site (to be confirmed)
– Capacity to accommodate other services (many more rooms and a large health promotion room)
– Improved treatment/minor ops rooms – including changing room

We recognise that there may be some concerns from patients, perhaps most likely due to the location which will be further to travel for some. Unfortunately there is no opportunity to develop our current site and there are no other closer sites that would have been appropriate.

The new development will only be feasible with NHS funding and we are awaiting confirmation on these funding arrangements, while there are ongoing discussions with Bournville Village Trust (the building developer) and BG Health.

If all goes to plan the earliest this could take place is 2020 and we will endeavour to provide further information if plans progress.